Friday, September 12, 2014

Newbury Park Hummingbird Garden

My last stop before heading home was a small city park in Lamont.  There weren't many birds, but it was the perfect spot for a sandwich and a potty break.   

April was not the month for the tens of thousands of Hummingbirds that migrate through the area each year.  I did find some migrants, though.

There were several Monarch Butterflies in the garden.

They are "capable of flying 2,000 miles from Canada to Mexico and back again to the Southern US" per my field guide.  Wow.    

So many shades of orange are in these flowers and butterflies, I think I have the perfect post to link up with Orange You Glad It's Friday.

Even the Variegated Fritillary is sort of an orange color.  I did not find him in my field guide.  I had to search the internet when I got home.  I think I may need a new one devoted specifically to butterflies and moths.  I'm working on a library, apparently.

Great-tailed Grackle, Monarch Butterfly, Variegated Fritillary


  1. I really like the branches of these trees. Wonderful pictures of butterflies!

  2. Beautiful butterflies. And those trees are fascinating.

  3. The project you've undertaken sounds so much fun and could be so enlightening too. My family and I live in Del Rio, TX, which is a crossroad for a wide variety of birds and butterflies. We have hummingbirds, hawks that nest in our backyard during the summer, Monarchs that come through in October, and lots of other types of birds too. Have fun in your journey. Thanks for the visit and Blessings!

  4. Enjoyed my visit...butterfly captures are gorgeous♪

  5. oh i love all those leaning trees!!!!!

  6. I love butterflies, and that's the one thing we don't have very much of out here.

    Although I have seen a lot of them at Henkel Square in Round Top. I need to head over there and take pictures of them before they disappear. I haven't yet because of the weather. Too hot and humid... as always.

  7. i was happy to see a few monarchs around here this summer, too. love the trees in that park!

  8. You made the best of your rest stop by capturing these beauties!!!

    [Looks like the area just outside Falfurrias, Texas]

  9. I like the butterflies, but I have heard that they are becoming endangered. If that's true it is very unfortunate and I hope it's not the case. Please keep up the post.

  10. There used to be tons of Bob White Quails around here, now they are hard to find. I saw one last year, but not this.