Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hans A Suter Wildlife Area

Oops!  I just realized I posted out of order again.  I still have a couple of August posts to make.  The weekend of August 31 I made a trip to Corpus Christi in search of another rarity, the Bar-tailed Godwit that had been seen around Oso Bay.  Whether or not my trip was a success depends on your definition.  I visited two more sites of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, which is the original purpose of this blog.  I did not get the added bonus of a rare bird sighting.  Not this time, anyway...     

Splashdown!  The America White Pelicans had already returned.  A local man at the wildlife area told me they arrived more than a month ago.  I'm learning not to take the descriptions of best season to visit these sites too literally.  The birds don't.  Winter species can be found in July.


This photo of Oso Bay was taken from the railing on Ennis Joslin Road.  I not only visited Hans Suter, I accessed the flats via a small footpath worn into the weeded area on the roadside.  That's Texas A&M on the other side.  I found egrets, herons, terns, gulls, and skimmers on the sand and in the shallows.

At first glance, I thought it was a Great Egret, but the bill was wrong.  It didn't have yellow feet, so it couldn't be a Snowy.  I studied my field guides and decided it must be a juvenile Little Blue Heron, but the leg color still wasn't quite right.  Then, I saw a similar bird on Hootin' Anni's blog.  Due to it's size and dark legs, I'm calling it a white-morph Reddish Egret.

The Great Egret is below, for comparison.  I found him near the overpass on Ocean Drive.

 I walked all the way from Hans Suter, up onto Ocean Drive and the bridge that crosses Oso Bay, to Texas A&M in search of the Godwit.  I didn't find him or the Marbled Godwits with which he'd been seen.         

One last visit to the boardwalk and viewing area at Hans Suter before I left rewarded me with views of the Great Blue Heron, pelicans, stilts, and sandpipers.  

This week, I'm linking up with I'd Rather B' Birdin'.

Late afternoon 8/31 - midday 9/1/2014
90 deg F
Partly cloudy, windy
Species identified (17):  American White Pelican, Brown Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Willet, Western Sandpiper, Laughing Gull, Black-necked Stilt, Caspian Tern, Great Egret, Reddish Egret, Black Skimmer, Sanderling, White Ibis, Crested Caracara, Mottled Duck, Roseate Spoonbill, Snowy Egret


  1. I love the egrets and the heron. Very elegant looking birds.

  2. Nice set of pictures - I think the seasons are a wee bit arbitrary in some places and your right that the birds don't seem to care about them too much!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Super excellent images. Of course, this is home to me. And I must agree with you, the white pelicans are here just about all year long. Just in some areas tho. It depends of course on the weather...but in huge 'flocks' they're seen in the winter. [you can tell a reddish egret -and in white morph also- by the bi-colored with a paler pinkish/blue closer to the eyes]

    You shared some great images and I thank you for linking up at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  4. Love your photo of the white pelican!! Beautiful creatures in beautiful images. =) Have a wonderful day. blessings ~ tanna

  5. I´m glad they keep areas like this. So nice to see all species thriving. Glad you shared it. :)

  6. I love to see majestic birds like these--so gorgeous!

  7. great sightings of the heron, egrets and pelicans!

  8. Your pictures are all so beautiful. My favorite is the white pelican. Great captures!!

  9. Great views of the Egrets and Heron.

  10. Nice to watch these beautiful birds ! Great pictures !

  11. Great post and wonderful collection of birds.. The Pelican is one of my favorites. And I always enjoy seeing the egrets and herons..

  12. Great photos! Love the splashing pelican!

  13. What beautiful birds. I could never get close enough to them for my camera to take good photos of them. Thank you for sharing.