Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lion's / Shelley Park (Refugio)

My last stop on this 3-day birding trip was a dinner break on my way home.  The small town park had a nice little nature trail on which to stretch my legs.  All of these beautiful trees must contain birds, but they weren't very active.  There was only a Turkey Vulture flying overhead and the occasional small flock too distant to identify as the birds crossed the sky.

I found a Red-eared Slider enjoying the river.

I ate my dinner in the shady picnic area.

I didn't want to leave without a picture of something feathered, so I took another lap around the nature trail.

Finally!  I found a Ladder-backed Woodpecker willing to be photographed.  Another lifer.  I believe I live just outside their range.

I watched for a little while, took some photos, and then drove another several hours home.

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Sunny, Clear, 80's
Species Identified (2):  Turkey Vulture, Ladder-backed Woodpecker


  1. There is nothing better then being outdoors, enjoying nature. Wonderful captures, I always enjoy a light meal out side!!

  2. Can't beat a stroll and a picnic in good weather and that place looks ideal. Wonderful to see a turtle like that. And the woodpecker - I know v little about birds - looks like what we'd call a great spotted woodpecker; is it the same?

  3. sweet woodpecker! i like the slider, too. :)

  4. I love the first shot of the trail! The woodpecker and slider must have been neat to see!

  5. How cool! It's not easy taking good bird photography. They tend to fly away. Great shots!

  6. Now I've not been here before. And such a lovely little park.
    Glad you get to see and photograph the ladder-back.

    I enjoyed your birding in Texas series.

  7. Your persistence paid off Jen and often it's better to wait ina suitable spot and let the birds find you.That picnic area looks just the job as I'll bet birds are used to seeing people there.

  8. Oh how I love that photo of the Red-eared Slider!! :)

  9. Neat place! I think I visited there years ago-- It may be pronounced like "Referio." I could also be wrong.